Java Fork/Join framework performances: when is it worth?

In the previous post we saw how to use the Fork/Join framework introduced by Java 7 to take advantage of multithreading in the resolution of problems that can be approached with a divide-and-conquer strategy. In this article let’s see if and when its use actually improves performances compared… (Read the full article)

Java: using the Fork/Join Framework for the parallel resolution of divide-and-conquer problems

The Fork/Join framework is an high level mechanism, introduced by Java7 within the java.util.concurrent package, for multithreading purposes like parallel execution of a task by multiple processors. In particular, its use is ideal for simplifying the resolution of problems that can be addressed… (Read the full article)

Java OCPJP7: il Fork/Join Framework e la risoluzione parallela di problemi divide-and-conquer

Il framework Fork/Join è un meccanismo di alto livello, introdotto proprio con con Java7 all’interno del package java.util.concurrent, per la gestione del multithreading, ovvero dell’esecuzione parallela di un task da parte di più processori. In particolare il suo utilizzo è ideale… (Read the full article)