Period: October 2015 – Present
Selecta Digital Services S.p.A., Milan (Italy)
Software and Solutions Architect

I’m currently working in the Software Architectures team that is in charge of defining the high level architectures and the implementation principles of software and solutions we produce both for customers and for internal usage.
My main responsibilities are:
– Microsoft Azure Cloud based application design and development (Azure Web Apps, Azure Webjobs, SQL Azure, Azure Storage, Azure Logic App, Azure Service Bus, Virtual Machines, Azure Cognitive Services) following some of DevOps principles like Automatic Build and Continuos Delivery/Integration, using Visual Studio Team Services + git + Azure webapps deployment slots, and Infrastructure as Code with Azure Powershell
– .NET software design and development (C#, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server)
– Java software design and development (Java, Spring Boot, MongoDB, Spring-Data, Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, Eclipse)
– Project Management: Redmine, Excel, MsProject integrated with Visual Studio Online
– Front-end development (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, JsReport, HighCharts, AngularJs 1.X)

Period:September 2013 – September 2015
Altran Italia S.p.A., Turin (Italy)
IT Consultant – Software Engineer and System Integrator
Customer: Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company
Market: Aerospace and Defence

Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Development on international NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Program.
The development process and documentation production are in accordance with the IEEE/EIA-12207 and MIL-STD-498 standards.
– Focal Point for technical communications with Bulgarian-based company industrial participation (3 people team).
– Software Requirements Analysis and Traceability (Rational DOORS)
– UML System/Software Design (Enterprise Architect)
– Documentation production and revision (in accordance with the above standards)
– Back-end infrastructure architecture design (Message Oriented Middleware, RESTful services)
– Back-end infrastructure software development (Java, Eclipse, Maven, JMS, ActiveMQ, Spring, Hibernate, Lombok, SVN)
– VBA scripting to completely automate Word documents formatting (Visual Basic for Applications)

Period: 01 November 2012 – 01 November 2013
Altran Italia S.p.A., Turin / Milan (Italy)
IT Consultant – JAVA and Oracle PL/SQL Analyst Developer
Customer: Edison Energia S.p.A.
Market: Energy

Analysis and Test-Driven Development of the passive streams management system (invoices, readings, switch, bonus) relating to Edison Energia electricity and gas power services.
– Development and integration of recursive procedure for contents extraction of the stream files (zip files) with support for all compression formats (zip64, rar, tar.gz, zip multipart, developed using Apache Common Compress JAVA library).
– Development and integration of features for automatic processing and data extraction from PDF documents and additional features such as configurable split documents. (using IText JAVA library)
– Development and integration of an engine agile, configurable and robust against changes in the layout, for data extraction from documents in XLS, XLSX,CSV, and TXT formats. (using Apache POI and OpenCSV JAVA libraries.)
– Development of an OCR engine to extract relevant data from scanned PDF documents. (using Tess4j, the JAVA library version of Google Tesseract OCR tool).
– Unit and non-regression testing activities using the JUnit framework.
– Analysis and development of Oracle PL/SQL procedures aimed to improve parts of the system process and to provide support to the Service Management operators by sending notifications and automating the reporting system required by the customer.
– After the installation of the new components I led the “war room” dedicated to the recovery of backlog previously accumulated by the system (6 people team).
Key Technologies and tool: JAVA, Oracle RDBMS, PL/SQL, Eclipse IDE, TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Development), TortoiseSVN, Trac bug tracking system, JUnit test framework, ANT.

Period:October 2011 – July 2013
Altran Italia S.p.A., Turin (Italy)
IT Consultant – Oracle PL/SQL and Java Analyst Developer
Customer: Sorgenia S.p.A.
Market: Energy

– Oracle PL/SQL and JAVA analysis and test-driven development on Sorgenia (energy and gas power Italian company with over 500k customers) billing system.
– Development and testing, both functional and performance tests, related to UTF (Technical Office of Finance) data extraction procedure (Oracle PL/SQL).
– Software Delivery Management
Key technologies and tools: Oracle RDBMS, PL/SQL, TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Development) , JAVA, Eclipse IDE, TortoiseSVN, Mantis Bug Tracker

Period: October 2008 – October 2011
Value Team / NTT Data, Milan (Italy)
IT Consultant – Oracle PL/SQL Developer and Tester
Customer: Vodafone
Market: Telecommunications

PL/SQL Oracle development and test on Business Intelligence systems of Vodafone Italy: DWH (Data Warehouse) and CKM (Customer Knowledge Management).
– Development and configuration of new data replication and ETL processes for DWH system and development and test of extraction procedures for the reporting job.
– Development of new data replication and ETL processes and configuration of KPI calculation engine of CKM system at objects (SIM, PSTN, DSL) and customers level.
– Design of Test Plan (in Mercury Quality Center tool) for each Change Request to be implemented on the systems.
– Execution of unit, system and integration tests, on both DWH and CKM systems.
– Execution of UAT (User Acceptance Test) with the client and presentation of the results.
– Night availability service in the production environment on both systems.

Key technologies and tools: Oracle RDBMS, PL/SQL, TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Development), Mercury Quality Center, TortoiseCVS, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Excel

Period: 01 April 2007 – 31 December 2007
Terre D’Acqua S.r.l, Vercelli (Italy)
Web Developer and Content Manager
Market: Tourism

Redesign and development of the tourist portal of Province of Vercelli
– Portal design and implementation, both functional and graphical, using the content management system WordPress and its extensions.
– Migration of existing content from MySQL database.
– Portal integration with external services like Flickr and development and configuration of posting via e-mail functionalities.
– Content management.
– Access statistics monitoring through Google Analytics.

Key technologies and tools: Linux Hosting (PHP + MySQL), WordPress, XHTML + CSS, EasyPHP, Adobe Photoshop, Google Analytics.

Period: September 2006 – February 2007
Comune di Trino Vercellese, Trino, VC (Italy)
Website Maintainer and Content Manager
Market: Public Administration

– Maintenance and development of the municipal website of Comune di Trino (VC)
– Content Management
Key technologies and toolsWindows hosting (ASP + Access DB), HTML + CSS

Period: 20 May 2004 – 15 August 2004
IconBPS, Milan (Italy)
Software Development Internship (JAVA)

Attending this training I carried out the thesis for my bachelor’s degree. The goal was to port a company web portal, previously implemented through the use of Struts framework, to Sun new technological standard of Java Portlets JSR 168.

Key technologies and tools: JAVA, JSR168 Portlets, Apache Pluto portlet container (reference for Portlets development and testing), Struts Framework, JBuilder IDE


15 July 2008
Master’s Degree in Advanced Computer Systems and Network Services. (110/110 cum Laude)
University of Piemonte Orientale “A. Avogadro “, Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Alessandria (Italy)

– High-level languages translation​​
– Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures
– Systems analysis through simulation
– Artificial Intelligence (in particular Case-Based Reasoning systems)
– Forensic Computing
– Computers and networks security
– Functional Programming (OCaml)

21 April 2005
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (110/110 cum Laude)
University of Piemonte Orientale “A. Avogadro “, Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Alessandria (Italy)

– Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
– Imperative Programming and Recursive Programming (C)
– Object-Oriented Design and Programming (Java, C++, C#)
– Software Engineering (Design Patterns, UML, JUnit, Agile metodologies)
– Web Programming (XHTML, CSS, Servlet, JSP, PHP)
– Algorithms and Data Structures
– Database Design and query languages (SQL)
– Network Programming and Unix Programming (sockets, semaphores, posix thread, ecc..)
– Computer Networks
– Assembly Programming (IJVM)

Thesis title: “Analysis and development of JSR 168 Portlet standard components for the realization of Enterprise Portals.

June 2001
High School Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications
State Industrial and Technical Institute “A. Sobrero”, Casale (Italy)

– Principles of electrical engineering and telecommunications
– Design and realization of electronic circuits
– Imperative Programming (C, Pascal)
– Assembly Programming (Z80)
– Web Programming (HTML)