RevenueHits: this is what I ACTUALLY earned in the first month

I’m one of millions people across the world that has got a ban from Google Adsense many years ago, because of a music website I created, where many friends clicked thinking to do me a favor. Recently I read several articles about the RevenueHits platform that seems to be universally considered “the best Google Adsense alternative”. All these articles promise you to earn lot of money with this advertisements platform and all of them describe a $30 eCPM as quite easy to reach but they just describe how it works, the type of placement and so on. Actually, I didn’t find nobody illustrating real data about earnings in relation with pageviews/impressions. A lot of posts had comments of people asking information about expected CTR or eCPM or the number of visits needed to get approximately X money and answers were always the same: “it depends of your niche”, “you should improve your traffic” and so on. Ok, that’s all true, but people just want real numbers!
So I decided to try this platform here on my blog and I’m going to show you results I got in August. The blog scored about 7530 pageviews (250 daily average), 6440 unique (210 daily average) in August and I put just two banners on the single post page, because I didn’t want to make articles unreadable. So for this first experiment I just used the good old banner format and I didn’t include other formats like footer, popunder or shadow box. I put a “300X250 medium rectangle” banner at the start of the article with a left alignment and a “728X90 leaderboard” at the end of the article. Most of articles are technical posts or tutorials about software development so this can be considered its category, even if there are other posts about different topics like music, books, travelling..
Results of my first month using RevenueHits are the following:
Impressions: 9643
Clicks: 44
CTR: 0.456%
eCPM: $0.43
Revenue: $4.19

RevenueHits stats August 2015

So in August 2015 I earned with RevenueHits $4.19 from 9643 impressions and 7530 pageviews.

With RevenueHits platform ads are contextual and geo-targeted, so users of a specific country see ads related to their area. In the same way clicks from different country can generate very different revenues. Looking at the detail of earnings grouped by country we can see that The United States have generated $3.6 from 3233 impressions while Italy and India with 1/3 impressions have generated only few cents.

RevenueHits Top 10 Geos

Actually RevenueHits is a performance based network with a CPA, Cost Per Action, strategy. It means that users generate revenue not for the click itself but if they take an action like insert their email, download a file and so on. This is the reason because for example United Kingdom generates 6 cents without any click. Anyway, in the administration panel the only available information are number of impressions and number of clicks, so we still have to base our analyses on these parameters.
Finally, what I really don’t like of this my first experiment with RevenueHits is the quality of the advertisments that appear on my blog. As I said before, ads are geo-targeted and basically, by loading my pages with my Italian-based IP, I get only that kind of stupid banner like “you need to upgrade this plugin to see the video” and other “download this..” stuff. So the typical banner that everybody hate and would never click. And also the kind of banner that I don’t want to propose to my readers! Probably this is due to the fact that the network in Italy is still non developed and there aren’t “serious” advertiser putting money on it.

Anyway, I will make some further tests in September, trying also other kind of placements like “shadow box”. Then I will discuss results again.

Now I would be really interested in knowing about your experience with RevenuHits.
Did you get similar results?
What are your eCPM and your CTR with RevenueHits?
Did you see any relevant ads or just download-like banner as I did?

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72 thoughts on “RevenueHits: this is what I ACTUALLY earned in the first month

    • I’m glad you found the article interesting and useful.
      Let us know the results of your test with RevenueHits and how much you made, if you want to, of course.

      • Thanks Davis, i was thinking about monetising my small blog( having stats similar to you. I am definitely not going for revenue hits now. If possible do suggest me a good ad provider because i need money to buy a good custom domain, hosting and internet(using damnn bad 2g now).Curently i am using amazon ads and have lots of impressions but no good ctr …forget about purchases.

  1. Thanks for the article. I have been through the revenuehits due to my google adsense blocked. i have nearly 3500-4000 impressions per day and many clicks but i earned a bit less compared to others. I am waiting for the increase in revenue.
    Thank you!

  2. Dear,
    Your article is very helpful for me. I read it very carefully. It gives me many valuable information for revenuehits. Actually I use it around 7 days. Thank you.

  3. Hi

    Thank you for all information.

    I am working with RevenueHits for some time now and the results are great.
    They have great support and give a quick answers and tips.

    Go RevenueHits

    • Hi, thank you for your comment.
      What does “result are great” exactly mean in your case? What’s your CTR? And eCPM?
      We need actual data, otherwise it sounds just like another super-enthusiastic RevenueHits review without any rational, such of those you can find everywhere in the web.


  4. Hi,

    I started to drive traffic to my site since yesterday. I could dirve nearly 5000 traffic in single day as I have a 200k like facebook page.

    After this day, results are the following:

    2,254 impression
    225 click
    9.982 CTR
    0 ECPM
    0 revenue

    I am from Myanmar/Burma and Myanmar is top GeOs.

    • Hi, thank you for sharing your data.
      If that was your first day with RevenueHits you need to know that revenues and eCPM data are update at 5 PM GMT. At that time you can see revenue related to the day before.
      Furthermore, I don’t know how traffic from Burma is worth but, for example, in my case traffic from India has just a $0.07 eCPM

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  6. Mr Davis, thank you so much for your article. I found it really helpful. I almost gave up Revenuehits thinking it’s some kind of a scam or rather playing tricks on me after I woke up to find out that out of an impression of 1,594 I only received a revenue of $0.14 – which I think wasn’t good enough.

    After reading this article I came through a comment you posted on the 6th of January and decided to go back to my account and check it out. When I got to my account, I was quite impressed to find out that my revenue was updated to $1.23. I’m located in South Africa and this is my website’s overview for yesterday :

    Impressions: 1,594 Clicks: 66 CTR (%): 4.141% eCPM: $0.77 Revenue: $1.23

    Thanks in advance for bringing back my hope. I almost gave up on Revenuehits. Almost. God bless you.

    • Hi Edward, I’m very happy you found this article about RevenueHits so useful. My goal was exactly to provide some real data and try to make some comparisons with other users.
      Thank you for sharing your experiences with RevenueHits network and results you’re getting.

  7. Don’t get confused with others work.
    Websites are different from each other to make income.
    Its True, On the second month I got my first payment.

  8. Hi
    any way to choose the publishers Or the ads that appear in the page I really hate the ” Download” buttons :(

    • Hi,
      unfortunately, with RevenueHits you can’t choose a publisher or an ads category, or even block specific ads that are not welcome.
      As I already said in the article, at the moment the ads quality is really low, just full of this “download something” stuff…

  9. just try revenue hits. today is my second day. During 1st day, I managed to get 56 clicks with $1.99 revenue. In second day I got 44clicks with $2.6 revenue.

    I am most agree with what you said. I dont like the appearance and type of Ad revenue hits appeared. The plugin ads, download ads and so on. Because i know that kind of ads only will fool my reader.

    May i know if you are still with revenue hits?

    • Hi, thank you for your feedback.
      I gave up with RevenueHits for the moment because, again, of the poor quality of ads. As you said that’s the kind of stuff readers simply hate.
      One of my article has been posted on Reddit and many users commented saying they wouldn’t read the article because of the “download” pop-up (the RevenueHits shadow box) that appears when they open the page.

      Maybe I’ll give RevenueHits another chance further on.

      Can I ask you what type of RevenueHits placements are you using?


      • Hi Davis. If you are not using Revenuehits then what are you using? I am also annoyed with the download buttons of Revenuehits. Did you find an other decent alternative?

  10. I have following datas:
    Impressions 220
    Clicks 18
    CTR (%) 8.182%
    eCPM $0.00
    Revenue $0.00

    Why i am not getting revenue???

    • Is it your first day with RevenueHits? On the website they said “The data in our web is being update daily at 5 PM GMT”. A that time you can see the revenue value updated with the amount of the money earned the day before.

  11. After trying Revenuehits myself, this article is, without a doubt, the “MOST HONEST” review I’ve found about Revenuehits. I’ve seen the other articles and it’s just plain crap. I agree that the ads are awful and I don’t think I would still need to try using a different IP address to test RH ads since you already did it here (I’m from Philippines btw). You are a good man that’s really trying to help Davis, more power to you.

    • Hi Jason,
      thank you so much for your nice words.
      I just tried to make an objective analysis of the RevenueHits platform, without any kind of other interests and I am really happy that many people have found it useful and reliable.


  12. We used both Bidevertiser & RevenueHits. I think, Bidvertiser is best for any region’s site if the publisher have a decent traffic. And the other one is RevenueHits, which is best for USA & Qatar’s traffic :P

    Cause we have generated our best earning only for these 2 countries. Whatever, RevenueHits is best when you use their ads on a ‘File Download’ site.

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  14. Hello! I just joined revHit and i don’t like it at all.. but i dont know how to leave! Can you please help me?

  15. Thank you for your honest review. I thought, that only for me RevenueHits is piece of shit, because whole internet is full of misleading blogs about “best” alternative for AdSense – Revenue Hits! But what could be used as a REAL alternative for AdSense if the common traffic of the site is from Europe, not Canada or USA? Maybe you can suggest something? What should I try?

    • Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you appreciated my RevenueHits review. My goal was just to make a true evaluation of this circuit because, as you also notice, all the reviews you found on internet are completely untrustworthy. I didn’t try any other Adsense alternative so I cannot suggest you some ntwork to use.
      I think that in terms of quality and relevance of the ads at the moment there is not a real Google Adsense alternative. There may be in terms of revenues obtained, but at the price of forcing your readers to fight with intrusive and poor quality ads. I made a further test you can find in this other article titled “RevenueHits VS Google Adsense: who pays more? A comparison on the field in January 2016” where I made a direct comparison between Adsense and RevenueHits. If we look strictly at the numbers RevenueHits won, but I think with the “download stuff” RevenueHits placements readers will hate your website very soon.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been looking into desktop ads for my HTML5 game and I don’t have enough traffic to get AdSense ads, so I tried RevenueHits, but gave up pretty quickly because the ads are everything I hate about the internet.

        PS- try my game!

      • The most of the positive RevenueHits reviews on the Internet are made just to find new referals for RevenueHits account. All these reviews all stuffed with referal links. The authors of these reviews stating to make thousands of dollars with RevenueHits, but none of them has any real proof.

        I gave RevenueHits a try and just lost a couple of thousands dollars that I could earn with AdSense.

        I’m aware of the fact that RevenueHits is a performance based network, but it performs so bad that it does not perform at all.

        I tell you honestly from my experience: The best AdSense alternative is the direct advertising. I mean, if your article is about cars then create a banner that links to a car manufacturer, or if your article is about software then create a banner to a software selling website. Yes, maybe you will get not many clicks on this banner, but when you get a conversion, then you get $50 or $100 at once. When you get one conversion in three days, you still make more money than with all these “best AdSense alternatives” out there.

        • Hi Arno,
          thank you for your comment and for sharing your experience with us, suggesting direct advertising as alternative.
          I completely agree with you about enthusiastic RevenueHits reviews and referrals program relationship.


    • Hey Arunas,

      I don’t know how much traffic your website gets, but I have very good experiences with Tribalfusion, Infolinks and Vibrantmedia

      Tribalfusion has high requirements but if you get approved then you will not regret it.

      Infolinks is paying not much but their ads are totally non-invasive, because this are link ads.

      Vibrantmedia they pay me like $2 for each click, but their problem is that they rarely show a banner.
      They show banners only to visitors choosen by their internal algorithm.

      All of these networks are worth trying.

      • Hi Arno,
        thank you so much for your suggestions about these Adsense and RevenueHits alternatives. I took a look at Tribalfusion and they requirements are not so easy to satisfy but of course this should guarantee an high level of quality for both publishers and advertisers.
        VibrantMedia as well seems interesting but I still have to read in depth how it works.

        Thank you again.

  16. whats wrong with me brother it is 4 th day with revenuehits still ecpm is 0
    2016-06-13 541 16 2.957% $0.00 $0
    2016-06-14 25,407 69 0.272% $0.00 $0
    2016-06-15 11,549 31 0.268% $0.00 $0

  17. Hi Davis,
    Thank you for this useful article. I have started using Revenue hits from yesterday, the day is not completed yet. Will be sharing my data soon. I have got 89 impressions and 3 clicks with 3.371% CTR. 0$ eCPM. Revenue is nil. Can you tell me, when there are clicks and impressions recorded on my website but no revenue generated. I have no clue how how revenue is generated when there are clicks! I only know this is CPC (Cost per click) network. I’m from India.

  18. Thanx for this detailed article. I’ve a movie downloading website and I’m earning 4/5$ per day with 41K Pageviews (average) from Revenue Hits. Is it ok for the downloading site or should I need to make some changes? Please help I’m a newbie blogger. :)

  19. i see that you return to AdSense, they ban me last week for no reason, i lose my account with 250 euros.
    please tell me if I can register in AdSense with my banned website because I tried many ad networks and they don’t satisfy me.

  20. Ahh I wanted to give it a try, currently I am using taboola, MGID and Google Adsense – I love MGID, I make more than $20 a day, last month I made $1295, this month $1100, today’s day 2 and it’s 2am and I have almost $30 so far. Taboola’s RPM’s waay too low, with taboola I made less $50 with 200K hits in a month. That’s just not ayoba, I want to try something else, and remove taboola if this’ month is still gonna be the same.

    • Thank you for sharing with us your experience with those advertising networks and Google Adsense alternatives.
      Let us know if Revenuehits will work for you.

  21. 2016-11-10
    Impressions 768
    Clicks 51
    CTR (%) 6.641%
    eCPM $0.00
    Revenue $0.00


    Why i am not getting revenue??? can i get revenue? please tel me i am thrid day on revenuehits.

  22. Hi!

    I don’t know why are you comparing Google with RH (in terms of revenue). There is no comparison.

    The only thing is that RH has no complicated approval process.

    Anyways, if you know any advertiser which is somewhat comparable to Adsense in terms of Revenue, please enlighten me.

  23. Revenue Hits is a complete waste of time. If you really want to piss of your customers, go ahead and use it. All the ads are just “click here” buttons. No ad actually lets the user know what they are clicking. To make things worse, some of the clicks lead to Computer Security scams where the user it told they have a virus and given a phone number to call to speak with a “Microsoft Security Expert”. Avoid at all costs. Google will blacklist your site.

  24. I’ve been trying to use revenuehits, I ha haven’t seen my balance and it is said that it would appears after a few hours or days. I’m still waiting for the result. :)

  25. Hi
    I would like to know whether there is any kind of “healthy CTR” that we need to maintain to not get banned from revenue hits?
    Can I have CTR more than 10%?
    I know it’s impossible. But just in case. Will I be in any trouble??
    Please answer my questions.
    Thanks in advance.

  26. That’s not even that bad.
    I had like 100.000 impressions and 10.000 clicks, but I’ve got $5 for this.
    Revenuehits is nothing but a scam.
    They scam you until you understand what is going on, and when you are done, another naive webmaster will replace you.
    This is now this company still exist.

  27. I also saw A download and Play now AdS. but man how does click counts is it when a person just clicks it? or are there still things someone has to do for one click to count?.. Pls Reply

  28. Bro i have a website that gets 1000+ daily visitors from India. but it get very low eCPM with revenuehits. It gives eCPM of 0.03 and 0.00 some days. Overall i don’t prefer revenuehits for Indian visitors.

  29. Thanks for the honest review on RevenueHits. Most reviews are just shilling it as the best ad network ever but your review was really helpful. Im trying RevenueHuts right now but not sure I’ll stick with it as the ads are of really low quality as you mentioned (download here etc.).

    • I gave it another chance last week but after more than 2 years from this post nothing has changed: still stupid “download” banner that throw your readers away from the blog. You can only use it if you don’t care about people that land on your pages.

  30. Hii
    I have a question with you sir that
    Everything is good working in my account of revenuehits
    But my ecpm is not growing from 0, it always shows 0 ecpm.
    And my totle impressions are more than 2100 now.
    I want to know that how a ecpm grows up with an example
    Kindly please reply me fast otherwise I will have to leave revenuehits

  31. I have a question with you sir that
    Everything is good working in my account of revenue hits
    But my ecpm is not growing from 0

    Impressions 3,246
    Clicks 151
    CTR (%) 4.652%
    eCPM $0.00
    Revenue $0.00

  32. Hey brother you actually made it,me tooi just sign for revenuehits my impression for the first time is about 536 and the second one is 1436 and clinks is 23 but no Revenue I still waiting but up to now I don’t get the revenue is there any solution’s

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